The Canadian government recently announced that it will partner with the Canadian Association of Prawn Producers to market cold-water prawns to foreign markets such as Russia and China. The partnership is meant to boost Canada’s reputation as a producer of high-quality seafood. To accomplish this, the government will invest $165,000 via the AgriMarketing program to create new marketing materials that will promote Canada’s exceptional quality natural wild shrimp to foreign markets with substantial growth opportunity.

Atlantic Shrimp

“Our marketing partnership with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has helped us to re-position our product in the extremely competitive Chinese market,” stated Bruce Chapman, Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Prawn Producers. “As a result, we have been able to secure higher prices for our products, to the direct benefit of hundreds of people in rural Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Nunavut.”

Some of the promotional activities funded by the Canadian Government include providing foreign retail outlets with recipe booklets, posters and brochures that highlight the benefits of buying Canadian shrimp that were harvested from well-maintained, credible fisheries administered by responsible environmental stewardship practices.

This is definitely a step forward for Canada’s seafood market and, as a result of this $165,000 boost, the Canadian wild shrimp market is positioned to thrive in international marketplaces. Only time will tell, but with a bit of luck mixed together with the premium quality of Canada’s prawns, it sounds like a recipe for success.