The Banff World Media Festival, or “the Rockies,” is an International commemoration event for the media industry, scheduled this year for June 10-13, 2012 at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. More than a series of competitions, the Banff World Media Festival is promoted as a networking event for media industry stakeholders with programs like “Face-to-Face,” pre-scheduled meetings with key agents, funders or development executives.

The Banff World Media Festival also has an interesting focus on the blow-up of digital media. The Banff 2012 Rockies Program Competition features four interactive digital media program categories (Webseries Fiction Programs, Webseries Non-fiction Programs, Cross Platform Project Fiction Programs and Cross Platform Project Non-fiction Programs). Some intriguing nominees include The National Parks Project, a “transmedia exploration of Canada’s national parks and the ways in which our country’s landscape inspires creativity” created by 52 artists who “traveled to Canada’s national parks to create film and music that captured their experience.” The National Parks Project covers an expanse of media outlets: 13 short films, a soundtrack, a documentary TV series and an immersive interactive portal through

Other neat digital media aspects of the festival: the Demo Den and the Digital Launch Pad.

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