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Careers at NorthBridge - NorthBridge Relationship Partner

Have you developed a network within the business community that can utilize NorthBridge’s services?  Or do you have an active client base which can benefit from additional value-added services?  If so, NorthBridge requires business development expertise is required to assist with a rapidly growing national firm.

Compensation is flexible and can range from fixed incentives to substantial commissions.


Successful NorthBridge Relationship Partners will both leverage existing networks and attend networking events to continue to generate new business opportunities.  The ideal candidate should have over 5 years of work experience or be actively offering services in any of the following sectors: manufacturing, agri-food, information and communication technologies, business services, consultation.

Please contact career@northbridgeconsultants.com to find out more about becoming a NorthBridge Relationship Partner.


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NorthBridge distributes a quarterly newsletter by e-mail, which addresses the latest industry news and events pertaining to Canadian business, corporate finance, and government funding. You can sign-up for our newsletter here.

Our current issue focuses on how to best utilize funding programs that are available to small and medium sized enterprises to help achieve your business' goals, how to improve your company's innovation, and ways on how to offset a bit of the cost from hiring new workers.