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Bridging the Commercialization Gap- Funding Opportunities

Is your company investing heavily in R&D but struggling to commercialize your innovations?

Read our latest Excellence in Manufacturing blog series to learn about various non-dilutive financing options available to Canadian companies that can help close the gap between performing R&D to commercialization in the ICT, Manufacturing, and Agri-food sectors.

To learn more about various funding options that can help your company to innovate and grow, contact us today to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our government funding experts.

Vancouver Agri-food EUREKA! Event About International R&D Collaboration

Join Dutch EUREKA! expert Arnold Meijer and learn about how Eureka! can help you collaborate with 40 countries worldwide.

EUREKA! - International collaboration in R&D and Product Development.

EUREKA! / Eurostars is a program that supports Canadian small & medium enterprises (SMEs) wanting to collaborate with partners in around 40 other countries, in Europe and worldwide, to conduct R&D and develop technologies for new products or processes.

Arnold Meijer, coordinator Eurostars and subject-matter expert from The Netherlands Enterprise Agency, will be in Vancouver next week, and has kindly agreed to join us at The Profile to clarify how EUREKA! / Eurostars can help Canadian businesses, and to answer any questions.

Arnold will also take this opportunity to specifically discuss the recently announced call for R&D Proposals in Agri-Food. The objective of this call by Canada, The Netherlands, France, Hungary, Spain and Israel is to support the competitiveness of the agri-food sector.

Where: The Profile, 535 Thurlow Street, Vancouver (Map)

When: Tuesday, May 15, 4 – 5 PM

Get your free tickets here

Organized by:

Jaap Siekman, Regional Manager at NorthBridge Consultants.

NorthBridge is an expert consultancy firm assisting businesses throughout Canada with Government Funding that supports R&D, Innovation and Growth, such as SR&ED, IRAP, Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP), Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC), Canada Agricultural Partnership (CAP), SDTC/ICE Fund and CanExport.

In cooperation with the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Vancouver.

This event is sponsored by and takes place at the fabulous event space of The Profile


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New Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP)- Ontario Provincial Stream

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) administered by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) has replaced the previous Growing Forward 2 program, and provides cost-sharing funding for processors and other agri-related businesses.

The current Application intake round for producers, processors, and other businesses will conclude on May 8, 2018  and comprises multiple streams for each category.  Additional application intake rounds will be announced in the future.

Processors can apply for CAP Ontario if:

  • They are transforming Agri products;
  • They have a valid Ontario Premises ID for where the project will take place;
  • They have filed 2 years of tax returns (new entrant processor exception applies);
  • They have all permits and approvals required for the project;
  • They have not incurred expenditures yet (any cost already incurred, aside from downpayments on equipment, may be excluded from eligibility).

EMPT-PR-F Stream: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Description: Processors seeking to make an improvement at a facility that has fewer than 200 employees to put in place software systems that will integrate business applications, contributing to improving results.

Funding Details: Maximum available cost-share per project is capped at $100K, covering 35% of eligible costs.

Eligible Expenditures:

  • Development and customization of new Enterprise Resource Planning including advisory services, software and hardware involved with installation and customization.
  • One-time costs such as contract salaries, benefits and per diem fees.
  • Product shipping, distribution or routing across different transportation modes.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applications will be assessed by:

  • Resultant labor productivity and efficiencies
  • Increased sales and revenue
  • Increased profitability

EMPT-PR-C Stream: Technology and Equipment to Improve Labour Productivity

Description: Processors seeking to make an improvement to enhance labour productivity with employee count fewer than 200. New or novel technological/equipment upgrades that are adopted by less than 20% of the sector in Ontario to date OR technological upgrades made in Northern Ontario or Indigenous Partner businesses.

Funding Details: Maximum available cost-share per project is capped at $250K, covering 25% of eligible costs.

Eligible Expenditures:

  • Capital expenses relating to new processing equipment, retrofitting existing equipment, technology and software systems.
  • One-time costs relating to training key personnel on project-related new equipment, technology and software systems.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applications will be assessed by:

  • Novelty of upgrades to Ontario
  • Increased sales and revenues

Additional Streams for Processors

There are further streams that are available to agri-processors to support other activities/initiatives, such as (values capped):

  • Food safety and traceability equipment ($10k, each).
  • Ingredient efficiency and waste reduction ($75K).
  • Marketing of products outside of Canada ($50K) and internationally ($75K).
  • Monitoring plant pest and treat equipment ($25K) and training ($5K).
  • Improving animal housing ($50K), and animal handling equipment ($50K) with technology.

NorthBridge Consultants has been assisting companies access government funding for over 25 years. As one of the largest independent government funding consulting firms in Canada, our objective is to maximize the government funding potential for your company. Contact us today to find out how much funding your company could receive.

New Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) Launched

The new Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) was announced in February 2018 and was launched on April 1 2018. CAP is a five-year, $3 billion, federal-provincial-territorial agreement that will replace Growing Forward 2 (GF2).

CAP will focus on three key areas:

  • Growing trade and expanding markets – $297 million.
    • Includes AgriMarketing ($121M) and AgriCompetitiveness ($20.5M).
  • Innovative and sustainable growth in the sector – $690 million.
    • Includes AgriScience ($338M) and AgriInnovate ($128M).
  • Supporting diversity and a dynamic, evolving sector – $166.5 million.
    • Includes AgriDiversity ($5M) and AgriAssurance ($74M).

Application forms and guides for federal programs under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership are now available. Applicants are encouraged to apply early!

The government is also in the process of developing bilateral agreements for CAP federal/provincial cost-shared programs for each province. The provincial programs will be cost-shared on a 60:40 basis and administered by provinces and territories

Further information is now available about for the following provincial programs: Note: links will be added  once provincial/territorial bilateral agreements have been announced.

NorthBridge Consultants has been assisting companies access government funding for over 25 years. As one of the largest independent government funding consulting firms in Canada, our objective is to maximize the government funding potential for your company. Contact us today to find out how much funding your company could receive.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership: Innovate. Grow. Prosper.

Ontario Budget 2018 Highlights

The Ontario 2018 Budget, tabled on March 28, 2018, projects a growing deficit over the next three years and is predicted to resume a downward trend in 2022 with accumulated deficit expected to decline from 23.2% of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2017-18 to 22.1% by 2022.

The Ontario Budget proposes several measures and investments that impact businesses, including:


  • An increase to the Ontario Research and Development Tax Credit (ORDTC) from 3.5% to 5.5% for eligible R&D expenditures over $1M (per taxation year) incurred on or after March 28, 2018.
  • Enhancements to the Ontario Innovation Tax Credit (OITC) for eligible R&D expenditures incurred on or after March 28, 2018 based on the ratio of R&D expenditures to gross revenues. Companies with a ratio of R&D expenditures to gross revenue of:
    • 10% or less will continue to claim the OITC at a rate of 8%;
    • 10-20% will be eligible for an enhanced OITC rate that will increase from 8% to 12% on a straight-line basis; and
    • 20% or more will be eligible to claim the OITC at a rate of 12%.
  • Expansions to the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (OIDMTC) eligibility criteria to include broadcaster purchased or licensed film/television websites that host film, television, or Internet production content not previously assessed (before Nov 1, 2017).
  • A review of various tax incentives implemented in other jurisdictions such as preferential corporate income tax rates (i.e., patent boxes), tax refunds, tax deductions, and exemptions with the intention of developing a provincial incentive to encourage Intellectual Property (IP).
  • An additional $50M over 10 years for the New Transformative Technology Partnerships Fund for businesses, SMEs, and scale‐ups as well as post-secondary and research institutions to collaborate on new dynamic products and services in artificial intelligence (AI), 5G wireless communications, autonomous vehicles, advanced computing, and quantum technologies.

Business Growth

  • In parallel with the 2018 Federal Budget proposal to phase-out or grind the $500,000 small-business limit, the Ontario Budget proposes to phase out the small-business limit on a straight-line basis for CCPCs (and associated corporations) earning between $50,000 and $150,000 of passive investment income in taxation years beginning after 2018.
  • Ending the electricity debt retirement charge (DRC) for mid-sized commercial and industrial non-ICI or non-RRP, Class B consumers as of April 1, 2018.
  • An additional $100M over 10 years for the Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF) and the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF) to support regional economic development by creating jobs, attracting private sector investment and promoting innovation, and encouraging collaboration and cluster development.
  • An additional $500M over 10 years for the New Economy Fund for investing in priority sectors such as advanced manufacturing, information and communication technology (ICT), life sciences, and clean-tech.
  • An additional $85M over 3 years for the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund to stimulate economic development and diversification across the region.
  • An additional $100M over 10 years for a new Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area Fund to support SMEs in the GTA and Hamilton area.

Export Market

  • Work to implement a Global Trade Strategy to diversify and promote trade in Ontario. This will include the Accelerate to International Markets program, the Global Growth Fund, and the Magnet Export Business Portal.

Startup Support

  • An additional $85M over 10 years for a new Venture Technology Fund to support a select number of very high‐potential, fast‐growing firms in expanding to become globally competitive.
  • An additional $15M over the next 3 years to NextAI, a Toronto based accelerator for early stage startups that leverage AI technologies.

Workforce Development

  • An additional $170M over 3 years for the new Ontario Apprenticeship Strategy to support transition into apprenticeship from high school, make the system easier to navigate, and to improve access for apprentices to high‐quality jobs upon completion.
  • Transforming the Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit (ATTC) into the new Graduated Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (GAGE) to encourage employers to ensure that apprentices complete their training.
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