Canadian Businesses Most Likely to Pursue M&A Growth

Research from the latest Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) shows that 42% of Canadian businesses surveyed plan to grow through acquisition.  These numbers are consistent with historically high figures over the past 5 years in Canada.  The survey also showed that the appetite for M&A has markedly increased over the past 2 years, despite on-going global economic issues.

Of the Canadian companies looking to grow through M&A, the IBR survey revealed that 70% are looking domestically.  This stands in contrast to the global results, which show an increase in the number of companies seeking to expand through an international transaction.

To take advantage of this growing appetite for M&A, Canadian M&A transaction advisory firms such as NorthLink Capital Advisors have been launched to target mid-market clients.   Northlink does not focus on audit, or tax-related activities, but instead provides independent and client-focused advice, while focusing on transaction and ancillary financial advisory work.

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