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Spring 2018

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Canadian Startups

The Startup Revolution

Startup Financing in Canada

National VC Activity

Canada's Startup Ecosystem

At an age when the technology sector is growing twice as fast as the global economy, startup ecosystems provide a vital means for individuals and regions to not only take advantage of technological change, but to also steer technological change in a direction that will improve humanity... Read more.

Investment Markets in Canada

Fund Raising

Financing your business may sometimes seem an insurmountable challenge, but it need not be. Understanding where to look for funding, depending on the stage of your business lifecycle, can alleviate economic pressures and pave the way in bridging the critical gap between R&D and commercialization... Read more.

Business Plan

Writing A Convincing Business Plan

I’ve come across many entrepreneurs with “good ideas.” However, investors know from experience that coordinating resources to execute on a good idea is not an easy or trivial task. The entire point of a business plan is to convince investors that you not only have a good idea, but that you also have a viable business to invest in... Read more.

Brain Gain

Canada's Brain Gain

As is the case for all businesses, the foundation of your startup or developing company is the people that you employ. Growing both the quality and quantity of employees can be challenging for businesses that struggle with generating the revenue or profits needed to invest in recruitment... Read more.


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