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Winter 2013
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Raising And Allocating Financing For Growth

Raising And Allocating Financing For Growth

At some point in every business there comes a time when expansion and growth become crucial to the survival and success of the company; however, the path to raising and efficiently allocating resources for expansion is complex and paved with many uncertainties. Read more.

Support Your Next Capital Acquistion With Government Grants

Support Your Next Capital Acquisition With Government Grants

As a business, deciding to purchase new equipment can be a tough decision to make when capital is not readily available. The Canadian government understands the importance of government incentives to assist companies develop and expand their business through capital acquisitions and, as a result, has created several programs to provide funding assistance. Read more

New SR&ED Policies Released by CRA

New SR&ED Policies Released by CRA

The CRA has recently released a new SR&ED policy and procedures document as of December 19, 2012, which will come into effect immediately. Of importance are the new policies affecting the eligibility of work for SR&ED. The prior information circular (IC86—4R3) described three criterion that are required for SR&ED eligibility. Read more

SR&ED Appeal Ruled in Airmax's Favour

SR&ED Appeal Ruled in Airmax’s Favour

On October 25, 2012, the Honourable Justice Robert J. Hogan ruled on a SR&ED appeal by Airmax Technologies in the appellant’s favour. Airmax is an installer of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in residential homes who worked extensively on the development of a high-static, high-velocity fan coil system. They invested in the modifications and reprogramming of HVAC systems to further reduce their noise, improve efficiency, and size issues in townhouses. Read more

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