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Summer 2014
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What's New In The Employment Sector?

ICTC CareerConnect is Now Open!

The Information and Communication Technology Council is now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 CareerConnect subsidy program. Read more

Employee Spotlight: Nicolas Sordo

Nick has been with NorthBridge Consultants since September 2011 and has a bachelor's degree in Engineering from McMaster University (April 2011). As a SR&ED team specialist, Nick is involved in managing and assisting a variety of mechanical, chemical, and material science-based clients.  Read more

NorthBridge Success Story

Northbridge engaged an Ontario aluminum manufacturer who was looking to purchase new equipment and increase productivity. The company was looking to increase machining productivity in order to expand their export sales and gain new customers from their new capabilities. The CME Smart Prosperity Now program offered funding for eligible companies up to 33% of their project costs... Read more

7 Ways SR&ED Has Changed in 2014

If you're planning on filing a SR&ED claim any time soon, there are a few things you should be aware of. As of January 2014, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) had redacted elements of the Income Tax Act and SR&ED eligibility guidelines in addition to modifying the T661 form for filing claims. Read more

Financing Seminar: Alternative Finance Channels

Northbridge will be holding a seminar on alternative finance channels in Mid-September of 2014. Read more

Federal Funding for Business Expansion

We often lose sight of the fact that so many aspects of our daily lives are dependent upon things that are much larger than ourselves. It is so easy in the day-to-day chaos to forget that we are part of a much larger system; a system which greatly depends on the health and vitality of businesses and the economy. Canada's 2013 Economic Action Plan brought light to this reality. Read more

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