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Spring 2017

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NorthBridge Spring 2017 Newsletter

Provincial Budgets

Real GDP

Editor's Welcome -- The Balancing Act

The ability to achieve and maintain balance is one the greatest challenges in business, politics, and life as it impacts business survival, economic stability, and quality of life. The fate of a company is determined by its ability to balance out its assets against its liabilities and shareholder equity... Read more.


Investment in Business Growth

Canadian Venture Capital investment soared in 2016 by 41% with a 44% increase in average deal size, while private investment dropped by 40% compared to 2015. The Quebec Economic Plan allocated $0.7B to promote entrepreneurship and to fund growing businesses... Read more.


Investment in Innovation

The information presented in this article details new programs, changes, and increased investments in innovation as presented in recent provincial budgets, as well as other relevant data and announcements... Read more.


Economic Forecasts

Following 3.1% GDP growth in 2016, the global economy is expected to accelerate by 3.3% in 2017 and 3.4% in 2018. The dramatic declines in oil prices have largely passed and oil prices have recovered somewhat following the agreement between OPEC and a number of non-OPEC members to reduce output, thus reducing uncertainty around global oil prices... Read more.


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