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Fall 2015

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Editor's Welcome: Reviewing 2015 Major Industry Trends and Projecting 2016

In discussing ‘What Science May Achieve This Year’ for a 1910 publication, Nikola Tesla wrote, “The spread of civilization may be likened to that of fire: First, a feeble spark, next a flickering flame, then a mighty blaze, ever increasing in speed and power.” Looking back at 2015... Read more.


Connected and Interconnected: Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Trends

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in Canada is influenced by global trends, with user demand for wireless and customizable technology as well as instantaneous access to accurate information fueling global innovation in communications... Read more.


Where Taste Leads the Way: Opportunities in the Food Industry in 2015-2016

We are becoming increasingly conscious of what we put in our stomachs, and this elevated attention to ingredients, nutrients, and calories brings with it the unlimited potential for innovation in the food industry. Increasing our understanding of diet and health leads to... Read more.


Printing Our Way to a Flexible Future: Trends in the Plastics Industry

The past year has seen Canadian news headlines dominated by the European (and increasingly global) migrant crisis, extreme weather conditions pointing to the ongoing effects of climate change, and debates over possible recessionary trends in domestic markets... Read more.


NorthBridge Chemical/Plastics Expert: Engineering Manager Jeff Mitobe

Jeff Mitobe has been an integral part of the NorthBridge team for more than five years. As an Engineering Manager in our Cambridge, Ontario office, Jeff manages a team of engineers and technical writers and assists clients in a number of industries translate... Read more.


Manufacturing Momentum: How Manufacturing is Changing Heading into 2016

IoT is an interconnected network of electronic, software, and sensor-embedded objects/devices with connectivity for data collection and exchange. Although the idea of connecting objects to communicate with and sense their environment is not new, the timely convergence of... Read more.

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