Fund Description

This initiative supports economic growth and job creation by helping businesses to expand their markets and facilities, adopt new technologies and processes to improve productivity, and increase business capacity to participate in global markets and integrate into global value chains.

Funding Details

Repayable contribution to a maximum of $20 million or 25% of eligible project costs. Repayments will begin no later than one year following the completion of the project.

Eligible Expenditures

ligible activities include: (1) Adapting or adopting new technologies, processes, and related skills development, (2) Business opportunity development, growth and integration in global value chains, (3) Facilities improvement or expansion, (4) Market development and expansion, and (5) Business expansion to support greater economic diversification. Eligible direct costs include: labour, expertise, non-capital expenditures, capital expenditures.

Eligibility Requirements

SME in southern Ontario with 15 to 1,000 employees.