Fund Description

AgriCompetitiveness is a five-year, $114.5 million program consisting of three unique funding streams. The program is designed to assist the capacity of the sector to develop leadership, networks and tools for increasing competitiveness, adapting to challenges, innovating and managing risk. The three steams are:

Stream A – Facilitating Sector Capacity:

This stream will support the value chain roundtables (VCRTs) to help enable the industry to build leadership and size.

Stream B – Fostering Business Development (non-profit only):

Stream B will allow agri-businesses to improve their profitibility through the development of youth, young and established farmers, farm safety initiatives, skills and individual and industry leadership.

Stream C – Facilitating and Supporting a Modern Regulatory Environment:

This is an industry and regulatory agency collaboration which aims to enable stakeholder participation in a regulatory environment that is currently undergoing modernization and improving grower access to newer and more effective pest control tools through the Minor Use Pesticides Program.