Process Improvement

The Future of Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing

Continuous improvement in business is about more than just a set of operational principles to increase efficiency. It is a mindset, and a corporate culture that is always geared towards finding better, more innovative solutions and gaining more value with less resources. At the same time, innovation also requires the ability to seek and leverage new opportunities for financing, commercialization, and business growth in order to sustain the R&D activities and to provide employees with the resources they need to stay ahead of the curve. Since resources in any company are always limited, achieving the optimal balance between business development and R&D efforts is a constant challenge for businesses across various industries and stages of growth.

Embracing Advancement in Technology

Now more than ever, organizational efficiency in developing new innovative solutions is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and meeting rapidly changing market needs for on-demand, customizable products and services. From the Internet of Things to 3D printing, recent technological advancements have created new possibilities for innovation. The impact on the manufacturing playing field is infinite in terms of driving market trends, intensifying corporate competitiveness, and reshaping supplier-manufacturer-consumer dynamics.

Reducing the Cost of Quality

The implementation of Lean Six Sigma manufacturing methodology can help companies integrate new technologies and meet a growing market demand for customization to achieve higher quality and value for the customer at the lowest possible cost. It integrates the consumer into the development phase and provides an effective method of allocating improvement expenditures by defining the value of improvement efforts, identifying technological strengths and weaknesses, and prioritizing quality problems for the organization as a whole.

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