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Energy News Round-Up

Energy Future Heading North

Recent talk in the Canadian energy sector has been pointing to Nunavut as representing “the future of the country’s energy sector” (see Nunatsiaq News and The Globe and Mail). Eva Aariak, Premier of Nunavut, spoke on March 14th at the Arctic Oil and Gas Symposium in Calgary to present Nunavut as the untapped full potential of Canada’s energy sector, while “decision-makers across the country mull over the importance of a national energy strategy.” Aariak described Nunavut, which is estimated to contain between 20 to 25% of Canada’s total oil and gas resources, as an alternative to Western pipelines. Tapping into the vast raw resources will require sensitive resource extraction through “economically self-reliant communities” with the support of the Nunavut people, who foster an intrinsic emotional and physical connection to the land.

Renewable Energy Business

NextEra Energy Resources has acquired two solar photovoltaic (PV) projects based in Ontario with a 40-megawatt (AC) potential from First Solar, to be owned and operating by Canadian subsidiary NextEra Energy Canada. Based on advanced thin film PV modules with advanced semiconductor technology, the projects began operation last month and are expected to provide enough power to serve over 6,400 residential homes. The power generation will contribute to Ontario Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program and will be sold to the Ontario Power Authority under long-term contracts.

Green Energy Solution Industries is partnering with International Renewable Energy Facilitation Company (InREFCo) on their Albert Canada Project for the creation of a “waste wood to energy” project. InREFCo will introduce technical and expert support to the project, as well as a host of funding options including Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) loans.

Canadian B Corporations

Canada’s Bullfrog Power, which provides Canadians with 100% renewable energy solutions for home, business and transportation, is among the 39 Found Canadian B Corporations. B Lab, an NPO, certifies B Corporations as businesses who contribute to solving large-scale social and environmental issues and has recently extended certification reach to Canada.

To learn about how contributions to Renewable Energy technology can be eligible for federal and provincial tax credit and incentive programs, contact NorthBridge for a free SR&ED consultation.

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