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Canada Media Fund’s (CMF) Interactive Digital Media Projects Reviewed by Internationally Renowned Jury


Last week, a jury of nine internationally renowned jury members involved in the digital media sector, visited Toronto to give their insights on innovation, as well as to help evaluate Canadian digital media projects that have applied for production assistance from the Canada Media Fund’s (CMF) Experimental Stream. They will also help assess the capabilities and experience of the production and creative teams in terms of their ability to deliver their proposed projects.

The jury was made up of Canadian and international industry experts including: Wendy Bernfeld (Amsterdam, Netherlands); Sylvain Carle (San Francisco, USA); Suzanne Lortie (Montreal, Canada); Siobhan O’Flynn (Toronto, Canada); Sylvain Perron (Montreal, Canada); Adam Sigel (Los Angeles, USA); Michelle Sklar (Calgary, Canada); Patrice Slupowski (Paris, France); and, Rogerio Soares (Sao Paulo, Brazil).

The main goal of the CMF Experimental Stream is to foster the creation and development of innovative and interactive digital media content such as casual and console games, apps, software and more. The CMF plans on announcing the recipients of production funding support under the experimental stream later this summer.

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Canada Media Fund initiates automated reporting with comScore

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) has announced the development of an automated digital media measurement tool to measure performance and efficacy of CMF-funded digital media projects, collaborating with digital analytics company comScore. The CMF first announced plans to establish a Digital Media Performance Measurement Framework in May.

The solution will deploy comScore’s Digital Analytix, a data-reporting solution used by global media giants BBC, Bloomberg and Microsoft. CMF-funded companies will receive tagging guidelines and implementation support as the CMF launches a beta version of the performance tool as early as October 1, 2012.

The CMF offers funding for interactive digital media projects through TV-Convergent and Experimental interactive digital media streams, contributing up to $1 million per project. Funding is tranche-based, wherein recipients are expected to advance stages or meet milestones through the duration of funding. The automated measurement tool is part of an initiative to introduce a standard in baseline metrics and key performance indicators across the variety of innovative, screen-based projects funded by the CMF.

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Interactive Digital Media Funding – CMF Case Studies

On Monday, the Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced a $14 million round of funding to 25 interactive digital media (IDM) projects as part of their Experimental Stream. CMF’s track record in its three years of doling out digital media funding spans 112 projects and $58 million in funding for production support. Production support (as opposed to Development, or Marketing and Promotion support) backs projects coming out of the conceptual phase and heading into the path to market and commercialization.

The Final Closing Dates for CMF’s 2012-2013 Experimental Stream of funding are as follows:
Production: Sept 18, 2012
Development: Oct 2, 2012
Marketing & Promotion: Oct 2, 2012

Funded Projects
A lot of funded IDM products are digital games – here are some other examples of innovative, creative, out-of-the-box projects which really encapsulate the marriage of content and technology that programs like CMF seek to support.

BURGANDY JAZZ – $360,000
An interactive documentary with augmented reality (AR) and geo-localized content that explores Montreal’s role in jazz music history through the legendary musicians of the Little Burgundy neighbourhood. The project includes a short Web doc series, an iPhone app with AR soundscapes embedded in walking tours, a website with geo-localized content, and an interactive eBook.

CosmoCamp – $532,170
Four read along storybooks and four new interactive toys will follow the space faring adventures of Migo and Pandy as they travel from planet  to planet to meet new friends. CosmoCamp is being developed from the ground up with the use of interactive tablet applications specifically designed for toddlers (2-3 years old) and preschoolers (4-5 years old).

iFestivus – $747,869
An online platform for Facebook and iPads that creates a ‘live event experience’ by extending and enhancing the film festival environment through a virtual, mobile theatre with full social media capability. It is an online film festival for the digital generation of filmmakers and fans alike. iFestivus expands the audience by enabling fans to attend virtually with their friends. It enriches the experience by adding bona fide social elements, including access to talent, filmmakers and industry insiders, as well as interaction with other fans not possible in a physical theatre. It allows creators to connect directly with audiences without travel, protects vital industry “windows” via secure, customizable software, and creates trackable communities around individual live events, festivals, films and fans.

Studio in the Sky – $422,625
A web-based community and mobile app that allows musicians of all career levels to record tracks and release them online so the other members of the community may add their tracks, collaboratively creating a finished song.

View the full list of funded projects here.

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Canada Media Fund releases Digital Media Performance Measurement Framework

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced the launch of a Digital Media Performance Measurement Framework on Monday, May 14. The framework was developed through consultation with industry stakeholders during workshop sessions in Toronto, and is designed to effectively measure the performance of digital media projects against the CMF criteria for their Convergent and Experimental Streams of funding. The framework is based on project classification and key performance indicator (KPI) metrics.

“This is a solid first step in establishing a unified approach to digital media performance measurement,” says Valerie Creighton, President and CEO.  “By working with a national advisory committee composed of 32 industry stakeholders from digital production, producers’ associations, broadcasters, and other funding bodies, the CMF was able to develop an effective and sustainable framework that will set a new standard of digital media reporting. We wish to thank all who have contributed their time, expertise and ideas to make this achievement possible.”

The CMF funds TV and digital media projects through two streams of funding. The Convergent Stream supports the development of convergent, multi-platform television and digital media content. Launched in 2010-2011, the Experimental Stream supports the development of interactive digital media content and software applications. The CMF delivers $375 in funding annually.

The Digital Media Performance Measurement Framework is a conceptual classification framework composed of layered dimensions as pictured.

Read more about the Digital Media Performance Measurement Framework  here. As digital media grows as an industry in Canada, it’s natural and necessary to begin to classify and quantify initiatives from a funding perspective.

Contact NorthBridge to learn more about CMF funding opportunities.

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