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Our Manufacturing Roots Run Deep

Before building a SR&ED and government funding consultation business, Sol Algranti, President and CEO of Northbridge Consultants, worked in the manufacturing industry for many years.

After finishing education in a high school for skilled trades, Sol began working in a large plastics manufacturing company where he gained practical knowledge of various plastic processes including injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion and co-extrusion. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering while working for an optical glass manufacturer, where he developed improved processes and designed pneumatically-controlled machines. After completing his Master’s degree in Systems Engineering, Sol worked as the Chief of Planning/Scheduling in a large plastic pipe manufacturing company and started a metallurgy business, providing metal heat treatment services to manufacturing companies.

Sol applied his expertise to improve manufacturing methods, and to reduce costs as the process engineer for Westbend of Canada in Barrie, Ontario. Thereafter, Sol’s expertise in plastics earned him the position of Advanced Manufacturing Engineer at Camco (Canadian Appliance Manufacturing Company), where he was responsible for all plastics processes and optimized operations in the large Hamilton, London and Montreal facilities during a major transition period. Sol then moved to a position at ABC group for MSB Plastics as the general manager for their struggling Toronto facility.   Sol worked 6 days per week to optimize operations and within two to three months, he had transformed it into a profitable operation.

In 1989, Sol negotiated a leveraged buyout to acquire Shirlon Plastics, an established Cambridge-based manufacturer of plastics products with a niche in the Canadian Recreational Vehicle (RV) industry. Less than a year later, the 1990 recession began and the RV industry was one of the hardest hit sectors, forcing many RV manufacturers to go out of business. On the brink of bankruptcy, Sol  worked relentlessly to expand his market base to the United States, and took huge financial risk to invest in the diversification of his product line. His efforts paid off and enabled Shirlon to not only survive the recession but to thrive afterwards.

Sol expanded his business through a diversification into gardening products, and through the acquisition of several companies including a large vacuum forming and sheet extrusion company, a plastics rotational moulding business, and a custom mould manufacturer.  He relied on intensive R&D to improve his product line, to increase market share, and to remain competitive, he began claiming for SR&ED tax credits. The funding he received from the SR&ED program was reinvested into the development of new products and new technologies. By 2007, Sol had 6 manufacturing companies in plastic products and tooling industries and continues today to be involved in manufacturing through his remaining plastics company, investments, and consulting practice.

Sol’s profound background in research and development in the manufacturing sector has provided Northbridge with a strong foundation in the SR&ED program. Moreover, Sol’s manufacturing heritage gives NorthBridge a unique understanding of the risks that manufacturers take when they invest in R&D and the overall challenges that manufacturing businesses face when trying to grow and remain competitive.

25 Years of Success!

Northbridge 25 E

October 23rd 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of NorthBridge Consultants!

Since NorthBridge Consultants’ inception in 1992, NorthBridge has grown from a five member team, based out of a two desk office in a Cambridge manufacturing facility, to one of the largest independent national Government Funding service providers in Canada.

We attribute our track record of results and success to our investment in people, diversification, and continuous innovation.

We would therefore like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest gratitude to our clients, partners, and team members who have all individually contributed to our growth and success!


Proudly Sponsoring Vancouver Startup Week 2017


Vancouver startup week2


NorthBridge Consultants is a proud sponsor of Vancouver Startup Week 2017, an engaging event that draws together the greater Vancouver innovation and technology community.

Launching in November 2014, Vancouver Startup Week is the first event of its kind in Canada to bring many different organizations together to host their own events, and has inspired other Canadian cities from coast to coast to host their own Startup Weeks.

This year, Vancouver Startup Week will feature an array of events including workshops, talks, lunch & learns, tech showcases, panel discussions, office visits, recruitment fairs, networking breakfasts, investor lunches, and much, much more.

NorthBridge will be attending various events throughout the week and are looking forward to seeing you there!

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Elevate Toronto Festival: A Powerful Addition to Canada’s Growing Tech Hub

Elevate Toronto Festival launched this year with huge success, celebrating the best of the Canadian innovation ecosystem and bringing together talent, founders, investors, and corporate innovators to discover, connect, and be inspired.   

The three day technology and innovation festival took over downtown Toronto last week with the theme “Global Ideas Live Here” and provided a unique platform for Canada’s startup and corporate innovation community to showcase their work and network through numerous main stage events, educational presentations, awards ceremonies, and social gatherings.

ElevateAI at MaRS Discovery District

ElevateAI at MaRS Discovery District

Elevate main stage events featured keynote speakers, inspirational talks, and high value networking opportunities and wrapped up with an opening night soiree. Day two Elevate educational events provided attendees with a choice of 8 separate tracks in Health, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Growth, Design, Lean Innovation, Fintech/Blockchain, and Work, merging together at the end of the day for an “epic street party” on King Street West. Attendees were invited inside the headquarters of some of Toronto’s most inspiring companies as part of NewCo Toronto events on day three, which concluded with the 2nd Annual Timmy Awards and the prestigious Spotlight Awards.

Natural Language Processing Centurion, Maluuba, receiving the 2017 Spotlight Award from host Farah Nasser

Natural Language Processing Centurion, Maluuba, receiving the 2017 Spotlight Award from host Farah Nasser

Elevate Toronto Festival team at the 2017 Spotlight Awards

Elevate Toronto Festival team at the 2017 Spotlight Awards

ElementAI co-founder and Deep Learning pioneer, Yoshua Bengio, took the stage at Elevate Toronto Festival’s ElevateAI track to share his views on the importance of advancing research and bringing academia and industry together.  When discussing the role of Canada in the AI revolution, Bengio noted that “we had the foresight to invest in something risky…and we built something in terms of critical mass.”

ElementAI co-founder and Deep Learning Pioneer Yoshua Bengio in a fireside chat with ElementAI's SVP of  Research at ElevateAI 2017

ElementAI co-founder and Deep Learning Pioneer Yoshua Bengio in a fireside chat with ElementAI’s SVP of Research.  ElevateAI, 2017

As a global leader in disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, FinTech and Blockchain, which will radically transform how we live, work and interact, Canada is emerging as a lucrative and inclusive epicenter of the advanced technology revolution which is drawing global talent, ideas, and investment. In particular, Toronto’s startup and tech community has exploded over the past few years, especially in areas such as AI and Fintech, thereby attracting private and public investment.

In March 2017, the Federal Government committed $125M to launch a Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy aimed at promoting international investment and collaboration between Canada’s main AI hubs in Montréal, Toronto-Waterloo, and Edmonton. Ontario is investing $50M, together with over 30 private companies who have committed a combined total of $80M, to support the Toronto-based Vector Institute for AI. Moreover, in 2016, Toronto became the home base of NextAI, a global innovation hub for artificial intelligence, launched with initial funding of $5M through a partnership between some of Canada’s largest corporations (including RBC, Magna, BDC Capital, and Scotiabank). Toronto will also become the home of Canada’s second Google Brain lab as well as Uber’s new autonomous car lab.

The potential of emerging technologies to disrupt and transform industry brings about great challenges, and yet even greater opportunities for innovation and economic growth for business and for Canada as a global technology hub.

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: New Challenges & Opportunities

Due to its ability to substantially improve productivity and boost economic output, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is considered to be the next big technological revolution with the potential to increase economic growth rates by a weighted average of 1.7% and profitability rates by 38% across a variety of industries by 2035.

Read our latest Newsletter to explore the Canadian and global financial AI landscape and to learn more about how AI can maximize labor and capital capacity in almost every industry.

Based on a comparison of baseline growth in 2035 with an AI steady state scenario where AI has been absorbed into the economy


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