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OIDMTC Supports Development of Interactive Digital Media in Ontario

The Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (OIDMTC) is a refundable tax credit that supports the development of interactive digital media in Ontario. The tax credit funds 40% of eligible labour, marketing, and distribution costs. The maximum contribution per project is $100,000 for marketing and distribution costs, but the labour contribution is uncapped. In order to be eligible for OIDMTC tax credits, a company must be operating in Ontario and not have revenue greater than $20 million. Eligible projects must involve the development of interactive digital media content that incorporates at least two of the following: text, images, or sound, with the intent of educating, informing, or entertaining.

NorthBridge Consultants has experience with the OIDMTC application process and will provide the necessary guidance for your claim. Our team of engineers, business analysts and technical writers can assist with the completion of application information, the preparation of financial information, the tracking and documentation of eligible expenditures, and the required reporting after application submission.

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New AMF Funding to Support Manufacturers

The Advanced Manufacturing Fund (AMF) is a $200 million program that is run through FedDev. The program aims to subsidize manufacturers in southern Ontario by investing between $10-20 million for eligible expenditures in the form of a repayable grant. AMF promotes continued long-term growth, productivity, and competitiveness of Ontario’s manufacturing sector by investing in innovative technologies that will be commercially ready within 5 years.

Eligible firms are for-profit companies who engage in either manufacturing, R&D or both in Ontario. The program will cover costs associated with prototyping a new product, implementing new and innovative technology and work undertaken to improve products, materials or processes.

The Intake periods for applications are:

  • December 9, 2013- October 1, 2014
  • January 1, 2015- October 1, 2015

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IRAP Assists Gener8 With Innovation

Gener8, a technology company based in Vancouver, British Columbia who provides solutions to the entertainment industry, recently received up to $400,000 in funding from the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP).  IRAP, administered by the National Research Council (NRC), assists SMEs with the development and commercialization of innovative, technology-driven, new and improved products.

Gener8 specializes in 3D stereo conversion services, cloud-based data management, and analytics solutions for the entertainment industry. They currently have 150 employees at their Vancouver location and the assistance from IRAP will allow them to hire recent university graduates to continue to help innovate their 3D conversion technology.

“This (funding) will enable Gener8 to develop solutions to complex problems in computer graphics and image processing that are central to our 3D conversion process to ultimately streamline the 3D conversion process” stated Gener8’s COO, Tim Bennison. Gener8 hopes to further enhance their strong reputation in Hollywood. You can see their technology in films such as Harry Potter, Ghost Rider 2, and The Amazing Spider-Man.

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CICP Relaunched as Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) to Bridge Technology Gap Through Government Acquisitions

The Honourable Rona Ambrose announced that the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP) has received permanent commitment under the new name Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP), which aims to bridge the technology gap between the R&D stage of projects and the pre-commercialization phase through government acquisitions. The announcement was made at the WesDef, western Canada’s premier defence conference with attendees ranging from government officials and manufactures to end users.

Through both the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) and the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit, the government invests heavily in the initial research and development conducted to create innovative products in Canada. However many small companies develop innovative products, then struggle to bring untested products to market. BCIP intends to connect companies with government officials and end users, whose feedback will assist to accelerate the development process into the commercialization stage.  From the government perspective, access to these innovative products could potentially give way for more efficient of government operations, either directly or indirectly.

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Improving Canada's Fuel Economy Standards with the Automotive Innovation Fund

Automotive Industry

Environmentally-friendly vehicles have come a long way in terms of technological advancement and efficiency, but as with anything, there’s always room for improvement. The Automotive Innovation Fund (AIF) is a new program that aims to do just that by providing funding for vehicle and powertrain assembly operations associated with significant automotive innovation to support large-scale research and development (R&D) projects to build innovative, greener and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

It’s no secret that the Canadian manufacturing sector has struggled in years gone by, which is why taking advantage of programs like AIF is so important. The program benefits automotive companies by contributing to the long-term economic benefit for Canada, including job creation and retention. With the fund providing automotive firms $250 million over five years, this will be a much needed boost for Canada’s automotive companies; however, in order to obtain funding companies must adhere to strict qualifying activities that provide extensive automotive innovation and R&D initiatives to develop greener, more fuel-efficient vehicles including:

  • new product development (e.g., advanced emissions technologies, energy-efficient engines and transmissions, advanced materials, including engineered plastics, and lightweight components and materials);
  • leading-edge engineering and design, and prototype development;
  • advanced product testing that ensures cleaner, more efficient automotive performance, and reduces greenhouse gases;
  • development of new production methods and process technologies, including advanced flexible manufacturing techniques;
  • new or expanded facilities to produce leading-edge and more energy efficient vehicles and powertrains;
  • substantive investments in new flexible manufacturing processes; and
  • introduction of other new transformative production technologies to substantially increase productivity and efficiency (e.g., robotics and advanced IT systems).

While Canada is certainly not the worst offender in terms of fuel-consumption, averaging about 34 MPG in 2010 compared to the United States’ 26 MPG, we are still far behind Europe and Japan’s values of 47 and 43 MPG, respectively. Given time, the Automotive Innovation Fund may be Canada’s answer to bringing our numbers in-line with the current leaders in the fuel-economy arena.

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