Private Equity Firm Focuses on Management Buyouts

With the manufacturing economy still recovering from the last recession, corporate financing is difficult to come by.   Many owners of small- to medium-sized manufacturers are looking for exit strategies, and may be hard-pressed to find one, because few financing options exist.

NorthSpring Capital Partners is a private equity firm that provides an option for owners of SME manufacturing companies who want to sell, preferably to the existing management team.  Typically, the existing company managers are great operators, and they know how to run the business.  Unfortunately, existing management often does not have the cash to purchase the company.  The deals NorthSpring will finance are mostly in the $250,000 to $1 million range, and usually involve the vice-president or other senior managers of the company being sold.

NorthSpring’s goal is to help SMEs prosper under the new management ownership structure, so that the managers can own their business 100 percent within 5 years.  The selling of the company to the existing management team is better for the company, because customers and suppliers will be more trusting to the existing management team.  Please contact NorthSpring Capital Partners for more information about completing a Management Buyout or for details on growth financing.

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