2012- Canada’s Digital Future in Focus

ComScore, the go-to internet marketing research company, recently released an annual report on Canada’s digital trends, highlighting the influence of digital media in Canada’s marketplace.

“Technological innovations in digital device hardware and software have enabled a rapid increase in consumers’ digital consumption habits, marking an exciting time for the digital media industry and depicting an even more influential year ahead.”

According to the report, Canada is leading the world in online engagement. This makes Canada an extreme fertile landscape for digital media development and tech firms. Social media is still on the rise, as well as online video viewing and Smartphone infiltration.

The exponential growth of technology is headed towards interactivity integration, like The Bay’s pilot virtual greeter at the Eaton Centre location which speaks to shoppers who approach the projected digital image, prompted by sensors on the ceiling. Canada is making efforts to support tech growth in the right directions, including refunding interactive technology product development (see Digital Media Tax Credits).

If your company is engaged in developing an interactive technology product, we invite you to contact us to learn more about incentives like the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit, and other sources of government refunds.

Read the full comScore report here.

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